Sunday, April 6, 2008

Out of Retirement

An opportunity presented itself to me recently allowing me to relive dreams of old. I am now playing on a baseball team in a Southern Colorado 18 and over adult league. Opening Day was today and marked the first time I've seen live pitching from 60 feet 6 inches. A period of adjustment is bound to take place, but for now I am having a blast back on the field. This must be what "His Airness" Michael Jordan felt like the first time he came back to the Bulls out of retirement. New life and young blood courses through my veins, pumping my level of hustle to the max.

Today I played right field, hit third in the lineup, and had a blast. I hit 2 or three balls hard and was out in front of a few other pitches. Not bad after a few years of softball. It's great competing without too much pressure.

The most exciting news is that my brother Joe is returning home from college in May. He'll be 19, making him eligible for the team. And, oh yes, he is playing! Being that we're six years apart, we've never played sports together. My parents are thrilled.

If you are at all interested, here is the team website.

Now you can keep track of my dreams.