Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 in Review

Here are some memories from 2010


Waking up New Years Day in my future in laws house in Lubbock, TX

1st gig as a Bartender at a bowling alley in CO Springs


V-Day with a cutie


No distinct memories


Shadowing my buddy, Kevin the PT, as he showed me the amazing art of dry point needling


Celebrating a year with Carrie with wine, pizza, and ice cream

Spontaneous road trip to pick up my future Mother in Law in Texas when her flight to CO for Carrie's bachelorette party was cancelled due to bad weather.

Finishing my first year back to school with a 3.8 GPA


Beginning the festivities at the end of June


07/03/2010 making the biggest commitment I could ever make. best decision i've made so far...

The unforgettable party that followed

An epic evening with those closest to me in a luxury box at Coors Field.

10 days of bliss in Oahu.

Moving into our first home together in Denver


no specific memories....just learning to be a husband :)


a phone call from Greg and Jenn. Welcome Carter Fertig!


Ran my 2nd Marathon. This time I wasn't alone at the finish line!


Sufjan in concert...Unforgettable!

Great trip to Sharon, PA. Greg cooks a mean bird.


Surprise to me. Thank you my Love, and all who attended. I loved it.

Invitation to interview for UCD's PT school. Hard work beginning to pay off.

Fun Christmas in CO Springs. Sleeping on a love sack with Carrie for the first time.

Amazing year. Here's to 2011