Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can I get some Thursday Love...

Shoutin' out much love to...

Carrie Beth - making me crave salad

Broncos - for not realizing that they were supposed to suck big time

Half and Half - tasting like heaven from a cow

All other Dairy Products - for being totally worth the fat intake

Professor Koenig - Staying up until 5:30 am to have our exams graded. You'll definitely make this list again if you discover a way to simplify some of the multiple choice questions on the next test.

Meryl Streep - for fully capturing my attention with every performance

Zombies - for being utterly hilarious in spite of your horrible condition

People who don't forward silly emotional emails - Thanks for not giving me more trash to delete

People who forward hilarious emails - sometimes I need to laugh

Elvis Dumervil - for being the #1 fear of every quarterback in the NFL

Matches - for magically taking "stink" away

Highway 24 - for being the prettier way to get to the mountains from the "springs"

Fighter Jets - for being awesome, i wish you didn't have to drop bombs.

People who don't post their political opinions on their facebook status - I couldn't possibly care less what you think via the internet, especially if you don't have any advanced credentials or degrees on the subject

People who read this blog even though its a bit self indulgent - thanks

Couples who have blind dates in coffee shops - you don't think i'm eavesdropping, but I am

The movie "Up" - for being way more awesome than the "Balloon Boy" story


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shoutin' out on a Thursday morn...

Carrie Beth - for braving the sub freezing temperatures and incredibly late gametime to enjoy a Rockies playoff experience with me

Huston Street - You were lights out all season. The best offense in the National League just proved you are human this week. Can't wait to see what you do next season.

Colorado Rockies - Giving me hope for next season

The Science and Learning Center - helping me figure out Coffee Cup Calorimetry

Owen Meany - for being hilarious so far. and despite your size, hitting the crap out of the baseball even though it had fatal results. Can't wait to see what happens with you.

Smiley's - for the amazing slice of heaven that you refer to as "toast."

The teenage girl who works the register at Smiley's - the restaurant must have been named after you. your braces filled smile brightens my already bright sunday mornings. if nobody ever invites you to the prom i will gladly escort you.

Bob the vendor - you're the only ballpark vendor i'd ever want to purchase beer or crackerjacks from. The rockies will win the big one for you someday.

Denver Broncos - 5-0 are you kidding me???!!!! I can't believe how great you've been to watch so far...

The NFL - for not letting Rush Limbaugh purchase the St. Louis Rams. As if they aren't already the laughing stock of the league

Jim and Pam - for making me actually appreciate tv show couples. I thought ross and rachel ruined it for me by being painfully annoying. but i actually kinda like you guys.

The Obama daughters - don't ever listen to the naysayers. Your daddy is a good man.

David Bazan - singing exactly what i'm feeling. i wish we could get a beer together.

Calvin - texting me some answers to our online Bio quiz. I'm still gonna get a better grade than you :)

Lewis Cash - I check your blog daily for updates.

Bobcats - for making landscaping a whole hell of a lot easier. I'm not too in to manual labor. I'm ok with machines doing the work for us, even if it does limit jobs.

The channel 5 news crew - for putting me on air last week!

Ruby - for continuing to improve in the frisbee realm. one day you'll catch 9 out of 10 in your mouth

Jessica - for making haircuts a pleasant experience.

Farts - for always being funny

Carrie Beth's chili - for being an utterly scrumptious experience.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

3rd straight thursday morning shout out

Carrie Beth - for your strength through adversity

My fantasy football team - for being undefeated after 4 weeks

The Minnesota Twins - Inspiring, truly inspiring

blenders - for so easily mixing tasty solid foods into delicious beverages.

Dwight Schrute - For your devotion to the harsh reality of the world, while embracing the fantasy world simultaneously

Dr. Dymek (my chem professor) - for being equal parts condescending and considerate. You're always good for a laugh

My calculator - for not making my brain work harder than necessary

Kristen - for putting up with the huge clumps of bullshit her coach continues to toss her way

South America - for hosting your first Olympics. Congrats!

Jumping Jacks - for giving incredible workouts even though you are a lost art

Josh McDaniels - For making it work so far

Kyle Orton - No interceptions through 4 games!!!!!

Jay Cutler - Who in the hell is Jay Cutler?

Serena Williams - posing nude on the cover of ESPN magazine. I'm equally repulsed and aroused

Carrie Beth - I dig on your smile

Thursday, October 1, 2009

a few more thursday morning shout outs

Carrie Beth - for being lovely

Chris Iannetta - For a potential season saving blast. Have you ever gazed into his eyes? Its like the first time I heard the Beatles.

Charles Darwin - For putting up with the shit you did and still publishing one of the most influential pieces of work in the last few centuries. Sorry your fish with feet keeps getting swallowed by Jesus fishes on the back of cars in colorado springs.

Drifters - For being as close to In n' Out as Colorado is likely to get.

Brandy - yes, yes, for reading the blog and continuing to be a welcome part of my life

Raider Haters - For being consistent in a world of inconsistency.

The Quadratic Formula - for being easier to remember than I thought you'd be.

Colorado Microbreweries - for your devotion to excellence and being seemingly everywhere.

Coors Commercials - for being far superior to budweiser commercials for the past few years.

John Irving - for making me want to read you even though I don't have time.

My bio lab partner - for doing most of the work monday while I zoned out.

Bio and Chem average exam scores - for making me feel smart

Graters Ice cream - for making sure there is more chocolate chunks and cookie dough per spoonful than any other ice cream company

Colorado Rockies - For still being in contention to win the West with only 4 games left.

Carrie Beth - for making me never want to be away from you.